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After hearing it from nearly every person I’ve come into contact with who finds out I just moved here, DC is allegedly having an unseasonal 2011. An unseasonably huge amount of snow, followed by an unseasonably long, hot and humid summer. And now, winter has come early.

It’s not even Halloween and today we’re having our first “snow”. While the consistency is only reminiscent of what my 6 year-old self remembers from the infamous “Winter of ’89” in my hometown (it melted when it hit the ground and hasn’t snowed there since), I’m admittedly giddy and mesmerized by the falling flakes.

The one thing I hear the most when I tell people I’m from Florida is the off-putting, “Oh, so you haven’t spent a winter up here yet…” Is that supposed to be comforting? While I am excited to have seasons and to see snow, cold weather is definitely not my thing. On the bright side, new weather means new clothes, tights and closed-toe shoes. For my birthday last week, I stocked up and even got some really cute wintry outfits and fun accessories from friends.

Here’s a peek:

Okay, so a couple of those things look pretty summery, but I can’t resist a sweetie little sundress when it’s on sale!

Happy winter, y’all!