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Since I am growing out my hair for the wedding, I am trying to take much better care of my hair. I’ve always used the “ouchless” hair elastics (or even those tiny clear bands) when wearing my hair up, but after discovering that I now have a layer all the way around that has been cut off by pulling my hair back, I looked for a solution. Here is a great idea on how to make your own hair ties that won’t damage your hair. Finally, a use for pantyhose!

1. Buy a pair of pantyhose for cheap. I bought mine at TJMaxx for $3.00. Since places like this (TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Ross, etc.) tend to sell items that are slightly imperfect, you can get a really good deal on something you’re about to cut up and not feel bad about it. My hair is blonde so I chose a nude color that is super sheer, but you can buy any color you’d like to either match your hair color or not.

Cheap Pantyhose

Very Sheer Nude Pantyhose
2. Cut the pantyhose
across the legs into strips. The wider you cut the strips, the more sturdy the tie will be for those of you with thicker hair
Cut the HoseCut Pantyhose into Strips
3. Voila! Hair ties!
Just roll the strips back and forth with your fingers and you’ll get this result:
Varying Sizes
As you can see, the higher up the leg of the hose you go, the bigger the rings get. You can even use the control top part of the hose for an even sturdier ring, although you won’t get as many cuts out of that section.

Control Top Ring
I love these and am so excited to have found something that is truly not going to damage my hair!  And since they’re so easy and cost effective, you can’t go wrong. You could even cut up old tights for really thick hair ties in fun colors!