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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I certainly did, and only barely made it back from New Orleans after New Year’s Eve. Geez that place is a mediator’s dream awesome! Anywho, since then, I’ve been a busy little wedding bee and once you see what I’ve been up to, you’re going to think I am crazy need to quit my day job.

Now, I have a little problem with the GiveittomeIgotit Syndrome and don’t typically listen when people try to tell me that I’m adding unneeded stress to my wedding planning by trying to make everything I pin up on Pinterest. But I’m trying to save money here, people! My attitude was no different when it came to designing my invitations and Save-the-Dates. I turned to the Internet, my imagination and Photoshop and, after several iterations of at least five designs that I thought I liked, I realized that I had no idea how picky I am. Everything I saw fell into one of the following categories: awful, too polished, typical, hideous, ugh, seen it, hate it, can’t deal with it, or maybe. I finally picked something and tweaked it to match my colors. When complete, it made me say, “I love it and I’m happy.” Success. Okay, I’m done talking about that now. (I don’t want to ruin what they look like for the people who are about to receive them in the mail.)

So, painstaking tweaking over. Enter: the printing.
Little did I know, not just any place is set up to print on my dainty little Save-the-Date-sized card stock and I was therefore not emotionally prepared for how many times I would be laughed at in one day. Fine. GiveittomeIgotit. $60 later and our sweet at-home printer now has a shiny new pair of ink cartridges.

Save-the-Dates printed, now on to the mailing that I mentioned earlier. At this point, I’ve read a lot about invitation etiquette, but still feel like no one could possibly be an expert. The one thing I did take away, however, was addressing the envelopes by hand. What’s that you say…$2.00 an envelope for calligraphy? Oh, okay. Let me just go ahead and send you this check for $400 to get that done. WHAT?! Eff that. GiveittomeIgotit. Off to Paper Source I go!

If you’ve never been to a Paper Source store, go. You’ll want to live there. I went three times last week to buy envelopes, card stock, pens and some other things that I didn’t really need. It’s like paper porn in there! Love it. Go.

The Save-the-Date SuppliesThat’s right, I decided to hand address the envelopes myself. Spoiler Alert: The Save-the-Date is making a tiny cameo there in the back!

Calligraphy a la moi.

About twenty wasted envelopes and three pens later, I’m only about halfway done. At first I was trying a little too hard, I think, so I messed up a lot of them. It’s actually been fun, though, and definitely a labor of love that I think my guests will appreciate.

So, here are the goods:
The card stock and brown paper bag envelopes compliment my color scheme well.
Card Stock and Envelopes

I chose two different kinds of pens: one that is a rolling ball-point pen with white ink (top), and one that is a dual-ended calligraphy pen with white ink (bottom). The calligraphy pen was hard to see as I was using it because the white ink didn’t show up until it was dry. The end result was also too transparent, so I ultimately went with the ball-point.

The Pens

Oh, and look who the mail is from! A tiny bride and groom. Swoon.
Bride and Groom Stamp
Bride and Groom Stamp
I love them and am happy with the rustic way my imperfect calligraphy will match the rest of my wedding! I can’t wait to send these!

All supplies came from Paper Source
A6 Envelopes in “Paper Bag” – 10 (10pk) @ $3.50 each: $35.00
A6 Card Stock in “Eco White” – 4 (25pk) @$3.50 each: $14.00
Gel Uniball Pen in White – 2 @ 3.25 each: $6.50
Dual Tip Calligraphy Pen in White: $4.50
Colorbox Stamp Pad in “Frost White”: $5.95
Sketch Couple Bride & Groom Stamp: $4.50
TOTAL: $70.45 plus tax

Can’t beat that! I expect the invitations/reply cards to cost about the same. In total, we’re talking HALF of what people typically pay for invitation sets! Go make something you’re proud of, girls!

What about y’all? Who else is making or has made their own wedding stationery?