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One of the more challenging fun aspects of planning my wedding has been looking for something to wear all of the upcoming festivities. Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, my Bridal Shower is coming up. Soon. Eek! So, yesterday, I made it my mission to find the outfit, and I definitely succeeded…on the style AND price.

Here’s the winning dress:

Bridal Shower DressCute, appropriate and simply sweet, right? Well, it needed a little something and I’m not usually known for leaving the house without an arm full of bracelets or some dagger earrings.

So, I popped on over to everyone’s favorite, Forever 21, for some ideas. What I was really looking for was a slinky little gold waist belt like my Florida Girl style queen has, but no dice yesterday at The Forevs. What I did find, however, was this amazing little gem of a beaded necklace that was about to be turned into a belt:

Necklace BeltI removed both sides of the chain and moved the clasp down to the first link. Instant belt!

I also found these dainty little earrings to finish up the jewelry:

Flower Earrings
Finally, the shoes! This is most important, right? One thing I’m also not known for is being afraid to be tall. Enter, the best thing that Payless has ever had for sale:

Nude PumpsAmazing, right? Not only can I wear these with my schmancy little Bridal Shower dress, but since they are nude, I can reasonably wear them with anything else I may find for other wedding events. In. Love. I’ll update with pics from the shower with ensemb in total.

So, what’s the damage? Not much. Check it out:

Nordstrom Lush Mesh Overlay Dress: $46.00
Forever 21 Necklace (Belt): $6.80
Forever 21 Gold Flower Earrings: $3.80
Payless Fioni Knot Pumps: $29.99
Total: $86.59

So, tell me: what amazing little money-saving finds have you been super proud of?