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One of the most expensive things you’ll encounter during your wedding planning is the flowers. I got a quote from a florist for one bouquet that was over $100! Multiply that by six, add eight boutonnieres and three corsages, and suddenly you’re thinking of more ways to have less food or alcohol (the things that really matter to your guests). And I’ve always believed that – especially for an outdoor wedding – no one has ever said, “Gee, I wish there were more flowers at that wedding.”

So, I decided early on that I would not be spending a ton of money in that area. You might be surprised to know that the buy-in-bulk club stores like Sam’s and Costco sell flowers in bulk, too, and they are beautiful (and affordable). We spend a little over $400 at Sam’s and got enough flowers for everything you see below, and more. It also didn’t hurt that I have amazingly creative friends who dedicated the morning of the wedding to helping me put all this together.

Wedding Bouquets, Centerpieces, Accent Flowers

Wedding Centerpieces, Accent Flowers

Bride's Bouquet with Cotton

Wedding Centerpieces, Accent Flowers

Groom's Groomsmen Boutonnier
Aisle Flowers, Mason Jars, Shepherd Hook
Aisle Flowers, Mason Jars, Shepherd Hook
Aisle Flowers, Mason Jars, Shepherd Hook

Jars: Bulk from Kmart.com ~$9.00 a dozen – the best deal I found
Lace Ribbon: DIY Wal-Mart ~$4.00 a spool (we used four)
Hemp Twine: DIY Wal-Mart ~$8.00 a spool for the bigger gauge (one was plenty)
Shepherd Hooks: Amazon.com ~$8.00 each (we used 12)
Burlap: JoAnn Fabric ~$4.00 a yard (we used one yard)
Cotton: Real Georgia cotton donated by a friend
Sage: Publix ~$3.00 for one bunch
Vases: DIY discovered in the house where we held the wedding

All photo credit to Woodland Fields Photography.